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LUCA PIZZA di ROMA is one of the industry's top pizza chains. It can trace it's roots in the United States back to 1966 when the Luca family first came to New York City and opened their first store there. Since that time, the family has been involved in launching at least 150 stores. In 1998 Luca Pizza became LUCA PIZZA di ROMA to better identify the true origin of their tradition that comes straight from Rome, Italy.

LUCA PIZZA di ROMA restaurants blend Old-World-taste with New World convenience. "We have become famous nationwide for our commitment to old-world quality," states the CEO. "We still make our own dough fresh from scratch every day, use only the finest tomato sauces, and prepare our food with only the best cheese the world over. All our products are baked on an Italian-style hearth to ensure the flavor is sealed in."

We believe that fresh and natural is the best way to guarantee a quality product that is truly a work of art.


Family-style Tradition

The current management teamed together over twenty years ago with a few small pizza shops, under various names, to grow into the LUCA PIZZA di ROMA chain of today. With many of their restaurants located in malls, a practice pioneered early on by the family, LUCA PIZZA di ROMA is one of the industry's top pizza chains in the United States, offering the finest New York Style Pizza and Italian fast food cuisine.
has claimed honors by being named Indianapolis Monthly's People's Choice Award as "Best Pizza by the Slice" for six years by the votes of millions of satisfied customers.

The Di Mizios stand behind the quality of the food and experience you will receive at Luca Pizza di Roma.

In the U.S., LUCA PIZZA di ROMA restaurants share success through incentive-based systems that allow managers a healthy slice of the profits. In fact, employees are specifically groomed to be in business for themselves. "For managers," the CEO points out, "you can franchise - or you can do like we do: You can put the manager in business for himself or herself. That is to say, the more money the store makes and the less cost the store has, the more money he or she is going to make, as opposed to just being a manager. Our managers have 10 times more incentive because they're more than a manager."

The Di Mizios draw on their experience to direct their associates.

The management team see few benefits and many drawbacks in the typical U.S. franchising model. The corporate reputation and product standards are fiercely protected. "In many franchise businesses," states the CEO, "We've seen quality and excellence suffer. They start off well, but soon the quality of the product they sell drops and it shows. We won't don't let that happen."

The management team has experience from the back room to the board room that helps provide customers the great tasting experiences.

Management also won't ask their employees to do anything they haven't done themselves. Managers don't become managers until they have spent at least three months behind the counter tossing pizza dough, scooping single slices in and out of the giant, multi-door ovens, or in the back, washing dishes. And then, only the pizza-makers with prior experience can advance quickly.

"LUCA PIZZA di ROMA employees are people-persons. In one day, you might see 500 to 600 people," says the president. "You become friends with the customers. In fact, about 25 percent of our managers are former customers."

The president continues. "We believe in empowering our workers to succeed. Employees who enjoy their jobs and their colleagues are better workers who provide better customer service and a better product."

The management team agrees, "Through hard work and dedication, you can truly achieve. The sky's-the-limit at LUCA PIZZA di ROMA."


Only the Finest Please!
The management team believes the secret to the success of LUCA PIZZA di ROMA restaurants is commitment to quality and excellence in everything. "How many restaurants can say they serve fine food fast, especially in malls?" asks the CEO. "PIZZA di ROMA is one of the few that I know of that can truthfully say that. Even the way we build our restaurants is of superb quality."

LUCA PIZZA di ROMA restaurants are built with the finest imported marble and brass, the richest oak, and the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment. They all contain Italian-style hearth ovens for sealing in authentic Italian flavors.

LUCA PIZZA di ROMA's genuine Italian taste is attributed to their own special recipes and the finest ingredients of select tomatoes and sauces, Wisconsin's finest 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese freshly-grated and piled on
homemade crust. They use only genuine semolina pastas, the leanest meats and the freshest vegetables. But the truth is in the product. Almost any mall shopper will confess that the aroma of LUCA PIZZA di ROMA's fine Italian cuisine draws them in long before they reach the restaurant. Once inside, the lure of their award-winning pizzas, unique calzones, panzerottis, strombolis and special pepperoni-stuffed breadsticks holds them captive. It's all reasonably priced as well. LUCA PIZZA di ROMA is where fast-food doesn't taste fast.

The Future

The management team continues to explore areas of development and seek innovative avenues of greater cost-effectiveness. They maintain their search for quality managers who want to succeed in a privately-held, highest quality family-owned pizza chain where the sky's the limit.

One area of development is now happening outside of the United States.
restaurants are now beginning to open across Europe and beyond. Perhaps the aroma of LUCA PIZZA di ROMA will one day fill the air next to the Colosseum where it all began.

LUCA PIZZA di ROMA Management bases its operation in Indianapolis, Indiana and they oversee all the development in the United States, Canada and Mexico. LUCA PIZZA di ROMA INTERNATIONAL's licensee for the rest of the world is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Articles & Awards

LUCA PIZZA di ROMA restaurants have been recognized on numerous occasions over the years because of their success and customer satisfaction.

Luca Pizza di Roma, College Mall, Bloomington, Indiana. All of us at WBWB B97 fm would like to congratulate you for winning our Pizza Party 2001 contest. The patrons of the B97 and Big Red Country Pizza Party 2001 have voted your pizza the BEST PIZZA PIE in BLOOMINGTON! You are bestowed with the honor of being “Pizza Professionatos”. Above all the fierce competition, your pie prevailed as the BEST! When one is looking for the best pizza in town, now they know they can find it at Luca Pizza di Roma.
Thank you for your participation and congratulations!
Jennie Smith-Teague,
Sales Manager

Indianapolis C.E.O.
June 1992

has claimed honors being named Indianapolis Monthly's People's Choice Award.

Pizza Today Cover
Pizza Today
May 1996


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